Sue Backshall is a professional Real Estate Expert with over 30 years experience in New York's Capital Region.
Sue is dedicated to supporting her clients through every step of the home sale/purchase process whether you are:
Selling Your Home
Attract buyers by properly pricing, preparing and staging and then effectively marketing your home. Sue will show you how to do an outstanding job and get your house sold.

Buying a Home
How do I buy a new home? Where do I start? These are great questions. The process is not difficult if you have a plan. To start you have to answer some basic questions in your own mind and have a "wish list". What kind of house do I want? Where do I want to live?

Choose an agent that has decades of experience in the local market, with extensive knowledge of the markets and values.

Building a New Home
This is an area where few real estate agents can provide great support and service. Sue has extensive new construction experience, she knows the builders, the new subdivisions and how a house is built. If you are considering new construction, you need an expert like Sue to represent you effectively.

Why Clients Choose Sue

Each of these areas, Selling - Buying - Building involves a different process. Sue knows the process details and will give you unparalleled support through every step getting you the results you want.

Sue will completely answer every question, address any concern and help you overcome any uncertainty AND will negotiate the best deal for you. Whether you need a Realtor® to represent you or you just want to ask a few questions, contact Sue now.

What to Expect From Sue

Whether you are buying, selling or building; you should expect four things from your REALTOR:

Expertise Knowledge and understanding of the communities, markets, values and process.

Honesty Fully protecting and promoting the interests of their client while dealing honestly and ethically with all parties.

Dependability Following through on details and being there when needed.

Results Completing transactions with terms and price that fit the client's needs.

Sue guarantees she will provide each of these elements to her clients.

How the Real Estate Market Works

Buyers are the ones who actually control the real estate market. They decide which homes are shown and which homes get offers.

If you are a buyer, this is a great time for you. If you are selling your home, you need to understand how buyers make decisions before you can effectively market your home and make it appeal to buyers.

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Susan Backshall, Licensed New York State Associate Real Estate Broker