New Construction Timeline
The timeline and construction outline shown here is typical for new home construction in the capital Region. It provides a rough guide of what to expect during your house construction.

Builders will provide their own schedules and the exact sequence often changes. Many factors influence timing. The economy, weather and general pace of construction in the region affect both material delivery and subcontractor scheduling. Smaller homes and standard builder designs can be built faster and are often completed in five months or even less. Complicated designs and custom homes usually take a little longer. Large custom homes with many details and special features could take ten months or more.

The First 30 Days

  • "Lot Walk" with buyer to determine where the home will sit, site grading, tree removal, etc.
  • Buyers review and initial plans

30 - 90 DAYS

  • Town issues building permit
  • Clear and grade homesite
  • Survey to mark foundation location.
  • Excavate for foundation
  • Place footings
  • Town inspects footings
  • Form and pour concrete foundation walls
  • Remove forms and backfill foundation
  • Install beams, columns and first floor deck
  • Frame home and install wall sheathing
  • Install roof trusses, roof framing and sheathing and vapor barrier
  • Interior framing
  • Install stairs
  • Roof

90 - 120 DAYS

  • Electrical walk-through
  • Rough plumbing and rough electric wiring
  • Town framing inspection
  • Install doors and windows
  • Siding
  • Main heating and A/C components
  • Electrical inspection
  • Install insulation
  • "Rocking" (sheetrock and taping)

120 - 150 DAYS

  • Paint
  • Interior wood trim
  • Staircase rail systems
  • Floors (wood and ceramic)
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures

150 - 180 DAYS

  • Carpets
  • Final trim, heating, electrical and plumbing items
  • Hardwood floors finished
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Touch-ups
  • Preliminary buyer walk-through
  • Final lawn grading
  • Walkway and driveway
  • Landscaping and lawn
  • "Punch List" (final details and touch-up)
  • Bank inspection
  • "CO" (builder obtains certificate of occupancy)
  • Final buyer walk-through
  • Closing and title transfer

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Susan Backshall, Licensed New York State Associate Real Estate Broker